Monoblock Awning System

perfect functionality ... with aesthetic design
The Monoblock Awning System is suitable for any kind of structural conditions.

Retractable awning on 40x40x2 square bar with supports to be fixed either on the ceiling or on the wall.

The Awning System can be supplied with three different series of arms: S31, S33 and S35. They consists of double powerful springs and stainless steel cables which give them the right strength for great tension of the fabric.


  • Absolute ergonomy and protection
  • Wind sensors, sun and wind sensors (optional)
  • Single and multi-channel remote control
  • Wireless and wired technology

The arm support is of extruded aluminum powder coated. The angle of the arm support can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees and handles arms up to 350cm.

The Monoblock Awning System combines perfect functionality with aesthetic design. This adds value to every house facade and emphasizes the unique architectural style of any building.

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