Pergola is a watertight shading system with rotating louvers. It is made entirely from aluminium and offers protection from sunlight during the sunnydays as well as from rainwater or snow with its special drainage system. The modern design in combination with the variety of colours that we provide, and the possibility of different automated systems addition (Led, rain,wind,snow sensors etc) make Pergola ideal to use in outdoor and semi outdoor spaces in: houses, hotel facilities, restaurants and cafes.


Pergola is studied and designed in a way to absorb any noise that might be caused during the movement of the louvers. This happens thanks to the use of the motorised system that permits the free movement of the louvers. The motorised system is situated in the interior part of the beam to ensure that it will not be visible. In addition, thanks to the use of gasket between the louvers it is prevented the noise provoced from the louver’s closing. Also, at the flank of the louvers there is situated on the beam a brush that not only absorbs the noise provoced from the louver’s movement but also, prevents the sunlight from entering when the louver is closed.


Possibility to choose from a variety of automated systems:

  • Led lightning
  • Rain or wind sensor
  • Infrared heating
  • Transmitter and central control
  • Music and audio control system through bluetooth
  • Smartphone control
  • Temperature sensor
  • Snow sensor
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